Claude A. Joerg
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Real Estate

Helping first time homebuyers, snowbirds, those upgrading or downgrading with all sizes of real estate transactions and closings.

In life there are not many financial decisions that can have as much impact on your life as the investment in real property. It is always a very exciting time as a first-time homebuyer. However, there are also many surprises that can creep up during the sale or purchase of a new property including title or lien issues, additional monies due at closing, mortgage insurance issues with certain loan qualifications, down-payments required on your vacation home or rental property, property line disputes, and appraised values of homes.

With all the uncertainties involved with the most expensive and impactful purchase of your life, you should call local Niagara County attorney Claude Joerg, to walk with you step by step through the closing process, to review the final contract, and to ensure a smooth closing process with no surprises. Purchasing a new home should be an exciting process! With Claude Joerg by your side, he can help handle the surprises, so you can close in a timely fashion and begin decorating the new kitchen and bedrooms!

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