Claude A. Joerg
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Equine Law

In addition to representing corporate and general business clients, I have a unique perspective to representing clients concerning equine business law matters having owned, bred, raised, ridden and promoted National Champion Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. Through this experience, I have prepared equine sales contracts. Breeding contracts, stallion syndication agreements, mare lease agreements and board contracts. I have also been involved in the enforcement of “stableman’s liens” in those situations when the boarder is unable and/or refuses to pay all necessary legal obligations.

My experience includes [1] litigating and settling horse related accident and negligence claims, ownership disputes, and financial claims; [2] preparing sales contracts, board agreements, breeding contracts, mare lease agreements, stallion syndication agreements, assumption of risk forms to protect against liability; and [3] enforcement of stableman’s liens and the transfer of ownership through the appropriate horse registry.