Claude A. Joerg
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Business Formation

Thinking of starting a business? Do not let inexperience or improper formation cause tax nightmares or financial risk for your personal assets down the line! Should my business entity be a DBA, partnership, corporation and/or a LLC?

Claude A. Joerg, Attorney at Law has advised startup businesses with contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, sales, purchases, formations, and family succession planning for most of his career. While there are options to “form a business online”, many of my clients are those that require assistance when one of those services has failed. Hiring an experienced attorney who has witnessed the outcome of many business disputes can see through the trees and help you plan for issues that you never thought would arise in your day to day operations. Our firm will help your business be protected legally and set-up properly to avoid future issues as the business grows.

Our firm does not discriminate on size of business or industry. If you need help forming a business, selling a business, contract review for purchasing a business, or any other business litigation matter, please call today to schedule a consultation.